Double Degree

Going Abroad

Call for Application

2015/16 in Europe

Universitas AustriaTurku UniversityTHDRhein Wall    FHWS


Due Date at FEB

Study Program


GermanyDeggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) Oct 30 International ManagementExchange Semester
GermanyUniversity of Applied Sciences
Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHW-S)
Oct 30 International ManagementDouble Degree Programme; Exchange Semester http://www.fhws.de
GermanyUniversity of Applied Sciences
Rhine-Waal (HRW)
Oct 30 International Taxation & LawExchange Semester http://www.hochschule-rhein-waal.de
AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences
Upper Austria (FH-Ooe)
Oct 30 Global Sales and MarketingExchange Semester http://www-en.fh-ooe.at
University of Applied Sciences
Turku (TUAS)
Oct 30 International BusinessExchange Semester

Application at UIN:

E-mail Consultation: Room FL 4, DAAD-Lecturer:Wednesday, October 21,  from 12:30 – 14:00or on request: No Tuition Fee;Living Costs: Euro 8,040.00


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