Saturday, January 8, 2021 Sharia Investment Gallery held a basic level training. The theme of this activity is First Step to Become Smart Investor. There were two resource persons in this training, namely Peni Rahmadani, SE, ME, CFP, QWP who discussed money management and look around IPOT. The second speaker is R.R. Tini Anggraeni, ST, M.Si who discusses Introduction to Investment and Islamic Capital Market.

The discussion on Money Management and Look Around IPOT was delivered by Mr. Peni with moderator Aryo Pratama Wibisono. There are so many financial knowledges that students need to learn because some of us still earn income only from parental gifts. The speaker discussed how we manage the money well and gave some tips to increase income, both actively and passively.

The second session discussed the Introduction to Investment and Islamic Capital Market by R.R. Tini Anggraeni with moderator Arif Widianto. This material discusses fundamentals in Islamic investment and capital markets, including risks, objectives, types of investment, and Islamic investment instruments.