Located in the Meeting Room on the 2nd Floor, Campus 3 of FEB UIN Jakarta, a collaboration program was signed between FEB UIN Jakarta and the IIUM Institute Of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIIiBF). In addition to being attended by leaders within the scope of FEB UIN Jakarta and representatives from IIIBF, this activity was also attended by the academic community of FEB UIN Jakarta, both lecturers, students, and education staff. The collaboration program between the two universities is expected to provide maximum benefits for the academic community at the 2 related universities. The targets of this collaborative program include teaching, research, and social engagement activities. It started with a warm welcome from the Dean of FEB UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Amilin, M.Sc., Ak., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP to the Dean of IIIBF, Prof. Dr. Rusni Hassan and the representatives who came, Prof. Dr. Amilin expressed his gratitude and hopes related to this cooperation program.

“We welcome and thank Prof. Dr. Rusni Hassan and his entourage from IIIBF. This program is a follow-up to the initiation of FEB UIN Jakarta in 2021, which was represented by Mrs. Rahmawati, one of the lecturers at FEB. We hope that this collaboration program can provide benefits in the scientific field, especially for teaching, research and other collaboration possibilities for FEB UIN Jakarta and IIIBF so as to support improving the quality of education on the FEB UIN Jakarta campus”.

In addition to the Dean of FEB UIN Jakarta, the Chairperson of IIIBF, Prof. Dr. Rusni Hassan also expressed his gratitude and made a presentation related to exploring cooperation, especially in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance. “We also thank FEB UIN Jakarta for the opportunity to be able to work together in improving science. Of course, this collaboration program can produce research in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance which provides many benefits in line with the development of science, so that this collaboration is able to encourage the role of Islamic Finance and Banking in economic development both at the regional and international levels in line with the SDG’s targets”.

The activity which ended at 13.00 WIB also resulted in several important points related to the collaboration program between FEB UIN Jakarta and IIIBF. These include the student exchange program and the joint supervisor program for postgraduate students. Starting the collaboration program between the 2 Universities, apart from the cooperation agreement program, a Public Lecture was also held in the Theater Room, 5th Floor, Campus 3, FEB UIN Jakarta, with resource persons from IIIBF, namely Prof. Dr. Salina Kassim, as well as resource persons from FEB UIN Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Euis Amalia with the topic “Contemporary Issues in Islamic Banking and Finance Toward Sustainability Development”.