On November 23, 2021, the Public Relations field of the Islamic Banking Study Program Student Association for the 2020/2021 period, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Syarif Hidayatullah University Jakarta held a Company Visit. It is a routine work program carried out by the Student Association. Sharia Banking Study Program to visit companies. However, during this pandemic, company visit activities had to be stopped due to government regulations, The Large-scale social restrictions to break the Covid-19 chain. For the first time after 2 years, the Islamic Banking Study Program Student Association finally conducted a Company Visit again which was carried out offline, of course with applicable requirements such as including proof of vaccination and evidence of an antigen swab letter which was carried out 1×24 hours.

The Company visit was a visit to PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. It took the theme “Exploring, Experiencing, and Learning Beyond Boundaries”. Which aims to increase knowledge, explore, and also provide experience in the world of banking/Islamic banking. Company Visit event to visit PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk students and their accompanying lecturers took a bus that had been prepared by the campus at 08.00 WIB, then went to PT. Bank Muamalat at PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk, Muamalat Tower 7th Floor Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18, Jakarta. Arriving there we were welcomed by the company and then entered the company building in accordance with applicable Health protocols such as wearing masks, hand sanitizer and checking temperature.

The event started at 10.00 WIB and was opened by P namely Mr. Anton who represents all of his staff of Bank Muamalat. In his opening, Mr. Anton explained that this was the first time that PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia has opened student visits again after being hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic for a long time. After that remarks from the head of the Islamic Banking Study Program, Mrs. Cut Erika Ananda Fatimah, S.E., M.B.A., in her speech she stated that this was the first visit for Islamic Banking students to visit PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia, where visits are usually made to Bank Indonesia and it is hoped that in the future they can continue to establish friendship between Islamic Banking students and PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia.

The next event was the giving of souvenirs by the Head of the Islamic Banking Study Program to Bank Muamalat Indonesia and vice versa, the giving of souvenirs as well as gifts from Bank Muamalat Indonesia to Mrs. Cut Erika Ananda Fatimah S.E., M.B.A as the Chair of the Sharia Banking Study Program. Then it was continued with several presentations of material which was filled by Bank Muamalat Indonesia including the presentation of the first material by Mr. Sulistyo who introduced in general the vision and mission of PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia etc.

Furthermore, the presentation of Mr. Wiki related to the meaning of each symbol listed on the Bank Muamalat Indonesia logo and explained it. Followed by the presentation of on basic Islamic finance which was explained by Mr. Andriansyah. And the final presentation by Ka Gunawan and Ka Sasa from the marketing department or can be called a relationship manager which of course provides information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia and invites students to be able to survive in the choice of Islamic banks.

The company visit was closed with a group photo between Sharia Banking students and Bank Muamalat Indonesia and the event ended at 13.00 then continued with ishoma. Live reports related to the events that were held were published through social media Instagram HMPS Banking Syariah UIN Jakarta (@hmps.perbankansyariah) and through social media Instagram PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia (@muamalat.hijrah.people).