Dean’s Welcome

arief-mufrainiOne of the challenges of muslim scholars, Islamic Indonesia Indonesia is introducing to the world scene. The issue of internationalization of Islam Indonesia is increasingly intense spoken mainly by Islamic institutions Indonesia both under the Ministry of Religion as well as the Ministry of education and culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Islamic College (PTAI), such as UIN will certainly not escape the duty to respond to these challenges. UIN in fact should be the front Guard (avant garde) poles Indonesia Islamic ideas to the international arena. Students and alumnialumni Islamic College should be able to be the representative of Indonesia abroad as Indonesia window a very decisive in building the image of Indonesia and its people. Scholars of Islam Indonesia could be the manufacturer or keberagamaan alternative intelektualisme and trendsetter for the Muslim community of the world. We already have these modalities.

204 million Muslims in Indonesia is the number that should be significant enough to move the pendulum of Islamic civilization of the world. In addition, the tradition of scholarly Indonesia Islamic discourse level ever form the world. Islam in this country ever gave birth to international caliber scholars such as Imam Nawawi, alBantani and alTirmisi Mahfouz, whose work circulated in other parts of the world. The corpus of religious thought in Indonesia have also been spawned Begawancumcontemporary scientists such as Bung Hatta, Nurcholish Madjid (Cak Nur) and Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur). This is great for us capital to build the civilization of Islam Indonesia.

In that framework, FEB as the spearhead of the builders of civilization and Islamic economic intelektualisme Indonesia, will always answer the challenge of the times and bring forth scholars who has piety, integrity and knowledge to become a figure of insane quality professionalism in Islamic Indonesias economy to grow good contribute is both local and national. As well as being able to deliver the economic discourse Islam Indonesia to the international level. The last but not least, this profile is easyeasy to reflect on the great goals. Hopefully