Wednesday, August 3, 2022. The Development Economics Study Program Student Association (HMPS EP) has held a Concentration Dialogue event which was held in a hybrid manner with offline implementation at Theater Room 2, 5th Floor, Faculty of Economics and Business and online via Zoom Meeting. The Concentration Dialogue event is an annual event for the Development Economics Student Association, which this year is a collaboration between the Department of Advocacy and Student Affairs and Science. This Concentration Dialogue aims to introduce several concentrations to students who will choose a concentration in the Development Economics study program. In addition, it provides insight into each concentration and helps to ensure a decision on which concentration to choose.

This activity was held on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 08.35 WIB, which was attended by fourth semester students. This event was started by the Master of Ceremony, Indah Nita Cahyani and Muhammad Akmal Firizqi. Then, it was continued with the divine word read by Hafidh Hisyam Adrian and after that was singing the anthem Indonesia Raya.

This was followed by remarks from the chairman of the 2022 Concentration Dialogue event, Mohammad Firman Saputra Tanjung, remarks from the Chair of the 2022-2023 Development Economic HMPS by Ra’uf Delfian Nugroho, remarks from the Head of the Development Economics Study Program, Mr. Dr. Muhammad Hartana Iswandi Putra, M.Si who also gave a keynote speech regarding the concentration prologue and continued with remarks from the Dean of FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Prof. Dr. Amilin, S.E, Ak., M.Si., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP who was unable to attend that day.

After the presentation on the concentration prologue, it was continued to the core of the event, namely the presentation of material about the concentration contained in the Development Economics study program. The presentation of material on this concentration is divided into two, namely Autonomy and Regional Finance and Development Planning.

The presentation of the first material, namely the concentration of Regional Autonomy and Finance, was delivered by Mr. Dr. Arief Fitrijanto, M.Si and guided by the moderator Sophia Wanda Nur Azizah. He explained about the job prospects of Development Economics graduates who can work in several fields such as in public or government agencies, lecturers, research and development, and others. In addition, he explained about the courses contained in each concentration. Mr. Arief also briefly explained about the concentration for the 2021 batch which is different from the previous batch, namely the concentration is more because it is based on clumps.

Followed by the presentation of the second material, namely the concentration of Development Planning which was delivered by Mrs. Dr. Fitri Amalia, M.Si and guided by moderator Adilah Citra Anindya. He explained about the research topic variables or thesis from the two concentrations. In addition, he explained about the comprehensive exam which is divided into two, namely general knowledge and knowledge of the chosen concentration. He also gave tips in choosing the concentration and distribution of work distribution data for alumni from Development Economics UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Then it was followed by a question and answer session as well as a presentation of the conclusions of what had been explained by the presenter about the concentration in the Development Economics Study Program.

After the presentation of the material was completed, it was continued with the submission of certificates to the presenters which were submitted by Ra’uf Delfian Nugroho as Chair of HMPS EP 2022-2023 and Humam Thory as Deputy Chair of HMPS EP 2022-2023. The certificates were handed over to the moderators by brother Mohammad Firman Saputra Tanjung as the Head of the 2022 Concentration Dialogue.

The next event is a sharing session which will be filled by 2018 Development Economics students, namely Hasbi Ashiddiqi from the Development Planning concentration and Royhan Fadillah from the Regional Autonomy and Finance concentration. This sharing session contains the experiences of seniors, tips on choosing concentration and what difficulties they face when exploring their chosen concentration. This sharing session was also carried out to strengthen the relationship between students of the Economic Development Study Program FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. Then it was continued with the handover of the certificate which was submitted by Muhammad Rif’an Iqhal as the Head of the Advocacy and Student Affairs Department and Idzhar Elna Albarizq as the Head of the Science Department.

The last series of events was the reading of prayers delivered by Muhammad Rifqi Setyadi and followed by a group photo session. After that, the event was closed at 12.35 WIB by the Master of Ceremony.