On September 8, 2021, the Department of Research and Scientific Publications of HMPS Economic Development has released the first Economic Development Magazine. Economic Development Magazine (EDM) is a forum to introduce HMPS Economic Development and as a place to share the writings of its members. EDM consists of various kinds of rubrics, including What’s Happening which discusses declining public consumption in the midst of a pandemic; Economic in Number which provides information on data on the economic development of our country; Economist Figure which contains biographies of people we think can be used as role models; Poll which contains a survey that we have conducted through the google form regarding the assessment of Development Economics Students on online learning; Learn From Movie which contains our review of a film, Book Value which contains our review of a book; and the last HMPS Event.

The purpose of this EDM is to increase the creativity of the students of the Development Economics Study Program Student Association. With this EDM, we hope to increase the reading interest of Development Economics Students. This EDM also provides actual information about the economic world and is supported by various reliable sources of information.

Now EDM is available on the HMPS Ekonomi Pembangunan website and can be read online or downloaded, then read offline in the form of a PDF file. To read it, go to the following link: