Tuesday (7/8), civitas akademika program of accounting, management studies and the Faculty of Economics and Bsinis IESP UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta staged a ceremony upon the completion of the process of reakreditasi the third course.

This event was attended by leadership, faculty and employees, on this occasion the Dean gives his speech says the hard work is done by the program of study may get results that satisfy the predicate, i.e. get an A from the third course, courses as well as congratulating professors and employees who are the final file to process 100% of CIVIL SERVANTS and over all this success due to the support of all parties for the improvement of the quality of the Faculty in the future.

Each Chairman prodi on the sidelines during a welcome speech giving thanks for their cooperation to the whole all the leadership, employees, professors, students and alumni because it has helped prepare the accreditation materials will spend much time, ranging from the creation of the program of study form, form this self evaluation institutions and all need to be a solid team and complete data of all academic activities, students, outreach, research and social activities of college students , all of which must be recorded.

Accredited with the value of B for course management and accounting, the value of A program of study IESP expected that courses can maintain the rankings and did not cover the possibility of great hope for all three courses can obtain maximum value, namely the value A, Amen ...