Authors: Mohammad Nur Rianto Al Arif, Arisman, Darwis Harahap

The relationship between growth in export and economic growth is still a current issue in both the theoretical and empirical literature. Besides, there are also non-economic factors that determine economic growth in a country, namely political stability. This study aims to examine the impact of export and political stability on economic growth in D8 member countries. The research on the development of the D8 country’s economy is still minimal, so this research expected to be able to contribute to drafting policies for D8 member countries. By using panel regression, this research finds that there is no impact between export on economic growth. However, political stability had an impact on economic growth in developing-8 countries. This result implies that the government should increase political stability to accelerate growth.

Estudios de Economia Aplicada, Vol. 39(1), 2021