Thank God, this year is a year of change for the Faculty of Economics and Business to increase capacity. Not only experts in the field of economics and entrepreneurship, but FEB students are also experts in the fields of religion and language. Who will be able to communicate not only in English but also in Arabic. So that students are excited to further strengthen their Arabic language, there needs to be competition. FEB’s participation in the Festival of Arabic Arts and Literature on Earth Archipelago (HAMASAH 2022) is a University-level Arabic language competition. This event will be held on Wednesday 23 November to Thursday 24 November 2022 to be exact. The FEB language team, especially the Arabic team, sent their delegation to take part in a series of competitions in the Arabic Arts and Literature Gleaming which was held at the Islamic Dirasat Faculty of UIN Jakarta. This competition on a national scale succeeded in attracting participants from various regions. FEB by sending its delegates to take part in several branches of the competition. Among them are Arabic Debate Competitions, Arabic Speeches, and Arabic Poetry Reading.

For the Arabic Debate competition branch, 1 Men’s Team and 1 Women’s Team are represented: Mahira Fikriya (2021 Sharia Economics), Yulyana (2020 Accounting), Aqiela Almas Qoriroh (2022 Accounting), Ibnu Dzakir RB dahyar (2021 Sharia Economics), Muhammad Chalifatu Syamsi (Accounting 2022) and Muhammas Zaki Zamani (Sharia Economics 2022). Furthermore, the Arabic speech competition branch was represented by Muhammad Habib Maulana (Sharia Economics 2022) and Aulia Latifah (Accounting 2022). And for the Arabic Poetry Reading competition branch, Fatma Indriana (Accounting 2020) and Lutfia Salsabila Putri Afifa (Sharia Economics 2021) were represented.

We hope that the participation of FEB students in this event will improve the quality and enthusiasm of students to continue learning and hone their talents and potential, especially in the field of language. And hopefully this Club Arabic can continue to run and give birth to superior seeds who not only master economics and knowledge, but also religion and linguistics. Because the limits of our language are the limits of our world.