Monday, August 22, 2022 FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta with FEBA UMS held an International seminar with the theme “Businees and Management Collaboration for future success” which was filled by 2 speakers, namely Prof. Dr. Amilin, M.Sc., Ak., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Syarif Hidayullah Jakarta and Prof. Dr. Mohd Rahimie Abd. Karim who is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Accountancy, University of Malaysia Sabah. which was held in the Tater Room, 5th floor, FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. The opening of the event started at 9.05 WIB and was hosted by Firman El Amny Azra, S.H., M.Sc as Master of Ceremony.

Before starting the seminar, this activity featured a UMS profile showing one of the images shown in which UMS claimed that UMS was the campus with the most beautiful view. Then followed by a seminar by Prof. Dr. Rahimie Abd. Karim regarding the “Current Issue of Islamic Finance”, in his presentation of the material he said that regarding the economic recovery carried out by all countries that had an impact on Covid-19, where Islamic finance also had an impact with the existence of Covid-19, namely where there were many instruments, both Sukuk and other instruments. . Then the growth of Islamic finance continues to grow until 2020, Prof. Dr. Rahmie explained that both financial and banking instruments played an active role in yesterday’s pandemic position. he explained, namely instruments such as green sukuk, collaboration between fintech digitization, and others.

Then the second speaker, Prof. Dr. Amilin, M.Si., Ak., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP explained about the research that has been carried out, namely “is it true that correct rationalization behavior affects fraud/fraud intentions?” in his presentation he used the Fraud theory of which there are 3, namely, The Fraud Triangle, The Diamond Theory, and The Crowes Pentagon theory. The first theory is the Fraud Triangle Theory which consists of 3 components, namely, opportunity, rationalization, and pressure/motivation. Then the second theory is the fraud diamond which consists of 4 components, namely, incentive, opportunity, rationalization, and capability. Then the third theory is the Crowe Fraud Pentagon theory which has 5 components, namely, Arrogance, Competence, Opportunity, Pressure, and Rationalization.

After the presentations from the two seminar speakers, there was a question and answer session between participants and speakers, the question and answer session was very active both from UIN and UMS, a question and answer session with questions related to Islamic finance submitted to the seminar speakers. then after the question and answer session ended, it was continued with the awarding of a certificate from the Faculty of Economics and Business, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, to the Faculty of Economics, Business, and Accounting, University of Malaysia Sabah.