The event of Jaulah between Campus Da’wah Organizations CSI FEB UIN Jakarta X LDK Al-Ghifari IPB with the theme “Jaulah as an Initiative to Implement More Massive Da’wah” has been organized by the Community of Syiar Islam (CSI FEB). This event uses the Zoom Meeting media on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

At the Jaulah Campus Da’wah Organization of CSI FEB UIN Jakarta X LDK Al-Ghifari IPB at the Zoom Meeting, the event started at 08.00 WIB, with the opening of the MC hosted by Muhammad Irfan Arroyyan (Sharia Banking Student 2021), followed by reading Kalam Ilahi delivered by Emir Alfani (Sharia Economics Student 2021). then, remarks, the first remarks, namely remarks from Ainul Yakin as general chairman of CSI FEB, then remarks from Khubaib as chairman of LDK Al-Ghifari. Then, remarks by Mr. Dr. Arief Fitrijanto, (CSI FEB Advisor), and finally the welcome speech from Ust. Furqan (Al-Ghifari LDK coach).

At this event, there was also a general presentation session that was brought by both parties, represented by their respective BPH, which discussed a brief description of the organization. Next was the Small Group Discussion session between divisions, both CSI and LDK Al-Ghifari in the breakout room Zoom Meeting. Then lastly, there was a games session to break the ice and break the atmosphere. Finally, the event was closed by a prayer led by Yoga Aristiawan (Management Student 2021).