On Thursday, May 19, 2022, a student character development activity was held. This activity took the theme “Efforts to Form Students’ Religious Moderation Attitudes in the Life of the Nation and State”. This activity was carried out with the aim of managing student organizations for the period of 2022. This activity became a series of events with Halal bi Halal activities of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

This activity was officially opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Prof. Dr. Amilin, SE, Ak, M.Si. In his speech, Prof. Amilin considers it important to strengthen the character of students, especially in the religious attitude that is carried out. This is an effort to prevent the emergence of a narrow fanatic attitude towards student religious behavior.

This activity invites Ust. Very Kusmayadi, MA to provide coaching and strengthening student character. In his lecture, he said that Islam is the teachings of rahmatan lil alamin. This means that Islam in its presence in the midst of people’s lives must be able to realize peace and love for humans and nature. Likewise, Muslims in their religious activities must have a religious spirit that can tolerate people of other religions.