The KSEI LiSEnSi creative video team (Islamic Economic Study Group Sharia Economic Study Circle) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta won 1st place in the National Islamic Design Competition (NIDC) Islamic Economic Days 8 held by KSEI IsEF STEI SEBI on 8 – 11 March 2023 This event carries the theme “Creating The Best Generation To Support The Growth Of Islamic Capital Market and Halal Industry in Indonesia”, with debate competitions, papers, Olympiads, business plans, designs and creative videos. With his work entitled “Snack Because of the Vial, Sure?” This time, the KSEI LiSEnSi UIN Jakarta creative video team raised the issue of halal certification in contemporary food and beverages, beating 2 other finalists who were both from the University of Jember.

The KSEI LiSEnSi UIN Jakarta creative video team, which was coached by Ady Cahyadi, S.E., M.Si, won 1st place with members consisting of Ahmad Zaki Haqiqi (Sharia Economics 2020), Intan Nurindah Cahyani (2020 Development Economics), Novel Diva Aulia ( Development Economics 2020), Muhammad Arkan Satria (Management 2022), and Ahmad Zaki Firmansyah (Sharia Economics 2022).

On behalf of the Leaders of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nur Rianto Al Arif, M.Sc., congratulated students of the Faculty of Economics and Business on achieving another achievement. Thanks also go to the supervisory lecturers who have accompanied the KSEI LiSEnSi delegation in this competition.