In order to expand the network related to the implementation of the Independent Campus Learning Program (MBKM), FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta received guests from FEBI UIN Mataram. The FEBI UIN Mataram delegation was led by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Baiq El Badriati, MEI and accompanied by Dr. Zulpawati, MA (Head of Sharia Economics Study Program), Dr. Sanurdi, M.Si (Head of Sharia Banking Study Program), and Wahyu Khalik, SST, Par., M.Par (Secretary of Sharia Tourism Study Program). Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Prof. Dr. Amilin, SE, Ak, M.Si who was accompanied by the Vice Dean 1, Vice Dean 2, Vice Dean 3, Head and Secretary of the Sharia Economics S1 Study Program, Head and Secretary of the S1 Sharia Banking Study Program, and the Head and Secretary of the S2 Sharia Economics Study Program, as well as the staff of educators Welcoming the arrival of the delegation from FEBI UIN Mataram, all forms of mutually beneficial cooperation offers will certainly be accepted in order to strengthen networks in the successful implementation of MBKM.

In this activity, various possibilities of exploring cooperation between faculties were discussed, both related to MBKM and other collaborations. This discussion started with a brief explanation by the Head of the Sharia Economics Study Program and the Head of the Sharia Banking S1 Study Program at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta regarding the curriculum and lectures. The activity was then followed by a warm discussion between the two parties. The results of this discussion will be followed up in more technical terms by the manager of the inter-University study program.