Good news. Back again from the achievements of Muhammad Ruvio Tama and Budi Santoso. Two FEB UIN Jakarta students won 1st place in the Nusantara Trading Competition event organized by the Management of the IPB University. They are Muhammad Ruvio Tama (2019 Development Economics) and Budi Santoso (2019 Management) with the team name “Gain and Win”.

This competition is held online which is followed by 40 teams with several series or rounds. Trading will be held from March 8 to April 3, 2022 using the Indo Primer Sekuritas (IPOT) application and trading using a real account with an initial capital of IDR 150,000.00. The Gain and Win team won the first position and entered the top 20 (Semi-finals. The next round is to make Paper. Paper is made using the shares that we have purchased and analyzed in the paper. We take ADRO shares in analyzing the shares in the paper. Announcement of the results of the paper valuation on May 21, 2022, we got good results until we finally advanced to the big 5. At the end we were faced with the final round by presenting the results of the analysis of the paper that had been made.

After going through a series of competitions, the announcement of the competition was announced at the 7th Management Euphoria event at the IPB University. We came directly to watch and wait for the victory on June 4, 2022. Until finally it was announced that we won 1st place and went up on stage to take pictures together and receive trophies.

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Cooperation FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nur Rianto Al Arif, M.Si congratulated Ruvio and Budi for the achievements. This achievement shows that the students of FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta are able to compete at the national level. Hopefully this achievement can be maintained in various other competitive events.