Saturday, July 30, 2022 The semi-autonomous institution (LSO) of the Faculty of Economics and Business, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, namely the Entrepreneur Learning Center (ELC), has carried out one of its routine activities, namely Business Chat or NGOBIS 4.2. This NGOBIS activity carries the theme “Which One is Better? Be an Entrepreneur or Office Worker?”. This activity is carried out online through the Zoom Meeting application. The NGOBIS 4.2 activity started at 09.00 WIB and was attended by 94 students and the general public from various parts of Indonesia as participants.

The resource person for this activity is Kak Khusai, a content creator. This activity was moderated by David Baihaqi, a 2021 student, and guided by the Master of Ceremony by Ikrimatuz Zahra, a 2021 student. The activity was guided by the MC from beginning to end. The opening of the event was opened with the MC, followed by the reading of Divine Word by Mahira Fikriya, a student of 2021. Then continued with remarks and the opening of the NGOBIS 4.2 event by the chief executive, Merlin Dwi Putri, a student of 2021, followed by the general chairman of ELC, Dewi Rahmawati, a student of 2020, and remarks from the chief executive of ONCAM by Muhammad Ilham, a student of 2021. After the remarks, the next activity was a group photo guided by the MC.

The material presented by Kak Khusai in this NGOBIS 4.2 activity was to find the best option in choosing between being an entrepreneur or an office worker. According to Kak Khusai, both are good but have their own advantages and disadvantages, where as an office worker you will get a more stable profit and get various guarantees depending on the company you enter, and if you become an entrepreneur you will get more flexible time at work. Both are good as long as we can build assets for future savings. This theme also aims to enable participants who take part in NGOBIS 4.2 activities not only to be able to solidify their choice in the profession to be taken, but also to motivate them to start building assets at a young age.

In addition to providing very useful knowledge, this NGOBIS 4.2 activity also has more value by giving door prizes to active participants. The door prizes in this activity were sponsored by Inez Cosmetics and at the same time introduced their products to the participants widely as the goal of cooperation in this activity.