Monday, November 7 2022. Implementation of the Competent Muamalat Institute (MIKO) mentoring program at the bintaro branch office. Mentoring begins with a speech by the head of the branch, followed by an introductory session of student interns and the Relations Manager.

Fandi Nurrakhman as the Relations Manager explained regarding technical implementation guidelines, the flow of mentoring branch relations managers to students, how students register as referral providers, how students process submitting application referrals, and the final explanation regarding filling in the e form by the relation manager.

The next explanation is about the socialization of the multipurpose haj financing program (PROHAJJ) by Widya Rizkika as the relation manager. Prohajj is a multipurpose financing for hajj planning with a wakalah bil ujroh contract and this prohajj is part of Bank Muamalat’s hajj program. This session also explained the customer criteria and document requirements in registering the portion of the pilgrimage. It is also known that bank muamalat now has a relationship with the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) as a shareholder.

At the end of the mentoring, the relation manager held a quiz as the ice breaking of today’s meeting, followed by a prayer and a group photo with Bank Muamalat Bintaro KCP.