Thursday, July 21, 2022. The Accounting Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta held a Workshop with the theme “Latest Accounting Research Topics towards Quality Research”. The resource person is Dr. Sudrajat, M.Acc., Ak., CA., CPA, lecturer in Accounting at the University of Lampung and moderator Dr. Yusar Sagara, M.Sc., Ak., CA, accounting lecturer at FEB UIN Jakarta. Workshops are held in a hybrid manner. Offline activities take place in the Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the FEB-1 building. The workshop was attended not only by accounting lecturers from FEB UIN Jakarta, but also by general participants from campuses outside UIN Jakarta.


The workshop was opened by MC Fitri Yani Jalil, SE., M.Sc., followed by the reading of the Qur’an by Accounting students. Next, the Dean of FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Prof. Dr. Amilin, SE., M.Si., Ak., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP is pleased to give a keynote speech as well as open a workshop for the accounting study program. The Dean of FEB underlined that quality research is achievable and published in national and international reputable journals. This workshop should continue to research publications. On this occasion, the Dean of FEB reported that the accounting study program will produce a professor, Dr. Ibn Qizam, M.Si., Ak., CA. The Accounting Study Program has collaborated with several public and private universities including the University of Lampung (Unila) in various fields, especially joint research.

Moderator of the workshop, Dr. Yusar Sagara, M.Sc., Ak., CA., Accounting lecturer at UIN Jakarta. Dr. Yusar on this occasion revealed that there are accounting journals in Indonesia starting from Sinta 2 to Sinta 6. accounting lecturers can start from Sinta 6 and then slowly move up to higher Sinta. The topic of research is that accounting lecturers should also look at the latest research, lest accounting research topics become obsolete in international journals. Currently, the highest Google Scholar index in Indonesian accounting is Prof. Imam Ghozali from Diponegoro University. Prof. Imam takes research materials from books, this indicates that research sources can be obtained from anywhere and not only from questionnaires and secondary data. Dr. Yusar as the moderator then led the workshop participants to listen to the presentation of Dr. Sudrajat, M.Sc., Ak., CA. related to current issues from research to publication of reputable national and international journals.

Workshop resource person Dr. Sudrajat on this occasion explained that lecturers and accounting students certainly have the obligation of scientific publications. The first thing to look at is the research problem. this type of research must be observed, qualitative research or quantitative research. When taking a research theme, it must be a current phenomenon. The resource person then discussed some student research that could be developed by accounting lecturers with accounting students. Possibility of publication of some of these researches in national and international scientific journals. The resource person also explained the position of Sinta’s accredited journal in Indonesia. This is useful for researchers to be able to map their scientific journal publications.

The first discussion session, workshop participants Dr. Arlis Dewi asked about the “state of the art” or the novelty of the researcher’s research. Resource person Dr. Sudrajat, Ak., CA answered that novelty could be from the research gap point of view, from the methodological point of view. Research gaps can be done with a mapping journal. Moderators Dr. Yusar Sagara added that novelty can also be obtained by researchers directly submitting articles to journals. Of course, the reviewer will provide input to the researcher.

In the next discussion session, the workshop participant, Mrs. Rini Jefri, asked about the scientific family. Dr. Sudrajat replied that the higher the rank of the lecturer, the more specialized the lecturer was. The resource person explained from science at the general level, accounting science for example. Then it narrows to the unit of analysis. In accounting, the unit of analysis can be classified as management accounting, information technology, and public sector accounting. Dr. Sudrajat next explained scientific studies related to research topics, especially the study of accounting science.

Workshop participants and accounting lecturers at UIN Jakarta Reskino, M.Si., Ph.D., Ak., CA., CMA., CERA., CBV., CDMS. describes the VOSViewer application to determine research topics and current research in the accounting field. Research topics can also be done with the Step of art method.  In this case, she gives an example of his field of study, Fraud Science. Updates are obtained from the literature review. Furthermore, it can be seen the Research Gap. Next is research mapping. Sources relevant to research: journals, web, and books. References from books are of the lowest level because there are no systematic reviews like journals. She told about the achievements of his mentored students who successfully submitted them to the full paper National Accounting Symposium (SNA). Please note that articles that are successful in SNA will be published in the Sinta 2 indexed journal. Reskino Ph.D’s message is not to be afraid of being rejected when submitting articles to journals.

Session back to Moderator Dr. Yusar Sagara, M.Sc., Ak., CA. revealed that researchers are not only related to novelty, but also data sources. Turning to the resource person, Dr. Sudrajat delivered the closing speech of the workshop. The workshop was closed by the host, Fitri Yani Jalil, SE., M.Sc. by saying Hamdallah. Hopefully the accounting lecturers can meet again and discuss in the next sessions.

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