Good news came from Ramadhan, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Islamic Economics Study Program Class of 2020. He successfully completed the RSA (Registered Securities Analyst) certification assessment exam by the Capital Market Certification Institute (LSP-PM) which has been standardized by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). .

RSA (Registered Securities Analyst) is a mid securities analyst certification which is the first professional step in the capital market before heading to the CSA (Certified Securities Analyst) level. , sectoral industry performance, as well as the condition of the company’s financial ratios plus graphic construction on technical analysis and trend analysis of a stock.

On behalf of the leadership of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nur Rianto Al Arif, M.Si congratulated on this achievement. Hopefully this achievement will motivate other students to always improve their competence.