East Ciputat, 22 February 2023. The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) held a Lecturer Meeting in preparation for the 2022/2023 even semester lectures. The meeting was held in the Theater Room, 5th floor of the FEB building, Jl. Ibnu Sina, the Lecturer Complex at UIN Jakarta. The meeting was attended by FEB leaders, permanent lecturers and non-permanent lecturers who will teach in the 2022/2023 even semester.

The meeting began with singing the Indonesia Raya Anthem which was joined by all the participants at the Lecturer Meeting. Continuing, the reading of the Qur’an by Dr. Muhammad Lutfi, prayer by Dr. Muhajirin

Dean of FEB Prof. Dr. Amilin, M.Sc., Ak., CA., QIA., BKP., CRMP gave a speech and introduction to the development of FEB during Prof. Amilin’s four years of leadership. The detailed explanation was continued by the Deputy Deans. Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Titi Dewi Warninda, M.Si explained developments in the academic field such as the addition of the number of FEB professors, developments in the promotion of FEB lecturers, accreditation of all FEB study programs. Deputy Dean for General Administration and Personnel Dr Suhendra gave an explanation of the staffing positions of FEB lecturers and staff. Finally, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Cooperation Prof. Dr. Nur Rianto Al Arif gave an explanation of various student achievements at the national and international levels.

The FEB Lecturer Meeting also presented the Head of Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Dr. Muhammad Zuhdi, M.Pd. On this occasion, the Head of LPM explained the scientific field consortium, and an explanation of the development of UIN Jakarta’s latest academic policies. This session ended with a question and answer session with meeting participants.

The final session of the Lecturer Meeting is giving awards to lecturers. Lecturer award with the longest tenure at FEB:

  1. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid, MS. (Development Economics)
  2. Dr. Pheni Chalid (Development Economics)
  3. Dr. Herni Ali HT., MM. (Master of Sharia Banking)
  4. Dr. Suhenda Wiranata (Sharia Banking)
  5. Abdul Hamid Cebba, MBA., CPA. (Accounting)

Another Lecturer Award:

  • Lecturer with the highest Lecturer Evaluation by Student (EDOM) Dr. Prilla Kurnia Ningsih, Lc., ME.Sy. permanent lecturer of S1 Sharia Economics
  • Lecturer with the most Scopus publications Prof. Dr. Ibnu Qizam, M.Sc., Ak., CA. permanent lecturer S1 Study Program Accounting