Good news came again from two students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, UIN Jakarta, on behalf of Reza Diofanda (2019 Management) and Muhammad Ghailan Alfarel Pradesha (2019 Accounting). Both are members and representatives of the delegation from the Sharia Investment Gallery FEB UIN Jakarta. They both managed to win 1st place in the national trading competition Sharia Capital Market Competition held by KSPM FEBI IAIN Palangkaraya 2022.

This trading competition was participated by 20 representatives from all universities in Indonesia. Where in this competition all participants compete to trade shares in the JII index until the total profit is accumulated during the specified period, besides that participants who get a place to advance to the final must compete again through presentations in front of the jury regarding the reasons why we buy the shares.

In the final result, Reza and Ghailan who represented GIS FEB UIN Jakarta were able to rank 1 followed by other universities such as State University of Malang, Airlangga University, and others. With this success, it is hoped that all students in the Faculty of Economics and Business can be motivated by this achievement. And can show that the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Jakarta is able to show off in national level competitions held by other universities.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Cooperation Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nur Rianto Al Arif, M.Si expressed his deepest appreciation to Reza and Ghailan who again succeeded in achieving achievements. This achievement shows that the academic community of FEB UIN Syarif Hidayatullah is able to take part at the national level. Hopefully this achievement can further motivate other students to continue to excel.