Hijra Bank collaborates with the Sharia Banking Study Program of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta in order to create an easy generation of students who are professional and competent in the field of finance or Sharia-based digital information. Various discussions and experiences were presented in this meeting. This collaboration and sharing was represented by the Head of Study Program and Secretary of the Islamic Banking Study Program, Mrs. Cut Erika Ananda Fatimah, SE MBA and Mrs. Dr. Yuke Rahmawati, M.A and Mrs. Fitriani Jalil, MSc from the Secretary of the Islamic Economics Masters Study Program FEB UIN. The representatives of Hijra Bank were also attended by Mr. Wachid A Muslimin as Director of the ALAMI Institute and Mrs. Rifka Mustafida and Mrs. Ami as Staff and Admin of Hijra Bank.

This plan is also realized through socialization activities on Friday, September 9, 2022 which carries the Fajr Academy training project for students. Fajr Academy aims to prepare and train young, talented professionals to face the real world of careers in the Islamic finance and Islamic fintech industry. The Hijra Bank program through ALAMI Training is held with the hope of being able to facilitate a training place with high social impact accompanied by experts or professionals in their fields with remote work systems. Selected participants will also receive a monthly stipend, certificate of expertise and the opportunity to become permanent employees.

This schedule will be preceded by socialization and registration in congregation. Then continued with the Opening Training by the Manager Director with various interesting topics, of course, each topic will be given a special certificate. The training process was then ended by a Soft Skill Bootcamp session, which was the last trip for registered students before officially joining Fajr Academy. This process also provides a space to get to know new people through selected projects to broaden student relationships and insights.