Authors: Desmadi SaharuddinM. Arief MufrainiAbdul GhoniInayatul ChusnaAde Sofyan MulazidSupriyono Supriyono


This study aims to determine the prospect of takaful funerals as an Islamic insurance product and its marketing strategy. The multicase study analyzed is the Takaful Funeral Amsterdam of Indonesia, launched in 2015, Millî Görüs of Turkey in 1970 and Arrahma of Morocco in 2006.
This study delivers an analytic hierarchy process to qualitatively and quantitatively describe Muslim customers’ priority choice and interest criteria for takaful funerals as a forerunner of Islamic insurance products.
Based on the priority choice and interest criteria, the highest priority element of takaful funeral products is market need (49.21%). The group subcriteria were dominant compared to the individual subcriteria. Product design is the second choice (20.9%), with function as the priority in subcriteria.
Practical implications
This indicates that the Muslim community urgently needs funeral service products that are consistent with Islamic law, which emphasizes its function. The market needs as the highest priority element implies that bundling products, affordable prices and simple design are the most suitable methods for developing takaful funeral products in Indonesia.
To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first study to discuss Islamic funerals in Indonesia, with the potential to be further developed with the increasing need of the Islamic insurance industry for new products. Previous research did not examine the PPME Al-Ikhlas Takaful Amsterdam, Millî Görüs of Turkey and Arrahma of Morocco as case studies for developing Islamic funeral insurance in Indonesia. Therefore, this gives the present study high originality.

Keywords:  Islamic Insurance, Burial service, Market need, Customer priority, Takaful funeral



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