One of the LSOs from the Faculty of Economics and Business UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, namely the Entrepreneur Learning Center (ELC) held a Volunteer Online Campaign activity which was held for three virtual days, namely on 27 – 29 February 2022 and a webinar on the fourth day as a closing and through zoom meeting application, registration starts on 17 – 26 July 2022 and is attended by 105 participants.

Both Millennials and Gen Z, many have started a business, but building a business requires the right skills and steps for a successful business. Therefore, the Online campaign collaborates with Business Chat, namely a webinar at the end of the series of events so that apart from volunteers spreading positive things and adding knowledge from Online Campaign materials, they can find out about the best choice between office workers or entrepreneurs plus discussions and door prizes.

On July 26, 2022, is the last day for the closing of the Volunteer Online Campaign registration and the beginning of introductions for participants who have registered. July 27, 2020 is the first day of the series of events starting with participants just posting content on existing feeds and Stories on Instagram containing participants’ responses according to the date of the material on Gdrive.

On the first day, the campaign material was “The Need for Young Entrepreneurs in the Era of Globalization” and what were the benefits of being an entrepreneur. On the second day “Entrepreneur or Office Worker?” and responses to what are the obstacles for entrepreneurs, then the third day “Eight Secret Billionaire Tips in Starting a Business” and responses on how to grow a business.

On the third day, the committee enlivened the group more than before as a form of appreciation and memory on the last day of this volume before the closing of the event with a webinar on tomorrow. Starting from the reasons for joining this volunteer, sharing about online business experiences to discussing online campaign materials. With messages and suggestions for every attendance for 3 days, it can be an evaluation for the Online Campaign and ELC UIN Jakarta to be better for carrying out future work programs.

The closing of the event took place on July 30, 2022 which started at 09.05 WIB with an initial remark by the head of the Online Campaign, Ilham Ramadhan, a FEB student, majoring in Management, then continued by the Ngobis webinar committee until 11.15 WIB. With the end of the Volunteer Online Campaign event, in addition to adding certificates, networking and door prizes, the knowledge gained can be very useful in line with the dynamic development of the times.