About Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic University Jakarta

Vision, Mission, Goals and Motto


To become a Faculty of Economics and Business with international standards of quality education, research and service with excellence in scientific integration, Islamic morality and Indonesian characteristics by 2030.


  1. Providing higher education in economics and business, which meets qualification standards at national and international levels.
  2. Develop science and academic research culture in economics and business with international standards.
  3. Establish partnerships and collaboration with industry and stakeholders to increase the competitiveness of graduates and actualize link and match.
  4. Providing significant institutional contributions in resolving various economic and business problems both on a national and international scale.


  1. Develop the quality of learning in economics and business based on research, case studies, information technology and innovation.
  2. Produce research and publications which meet national and international standards and apply to economic and business stakeholders.
  3. Produce graduates who comprehend the basic concepts of economics and business, as well as their applications and are able to conduct research and make significant contributions to solving problems in the fields of economics and business.
  4. Produce professional, innovative graduates who have noble character and as a leader with integrity and capability in economics and business.
  5. Produce graduates with an independent and entrepreneurial spirit, attitudes and morality, universal Islamic values, humanism, and deep social sensitivity and empathy to improve society's quality of life.